WDP USA Invited to Santa Verena Charity 12th Annual Banquet

Santa Verena Charity is a non-profit organization with a mission to fight poverty through programs providing humanitarian assistance in Egypt, the mother country of the Coptic Orthodox Church.  They also serve in Sudan, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico and Hawaii through short-term trips and projects. For more information about Santa Verena Charity, visit: http://santaverena.org/

Santa Verena Charity was a 2014 grantee of World Day of Prayer USA for their work in Cairo, Egypt. On October 5, 2014, Susan Skoglund, a WDP USA board representative was invited to attend the 12th Annual Banquet of Santa Verena Charity at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach, CA. Susan was a honored guest of Executive Director, Dr. Mary Mikhail. The event was well attended by the Coptic Christian community of Southern California and inspired many to continue to support the work of Santa Verena Charity.

To read more about the Santa Verena Charity 12th Annual Banquet from Susan Skoglund, click here.

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