WDP USA Board Meets


The WDP USA Board met April 12-14 in New York City. During the weekend meeting, Kathleen Clark was honored for her years of service to WDP USA as Assistant Treasurer. Kathleen (pictured above, front row, first from the left) has been instrumental in making connections for WDP in Iowa and throughout the US!

On Saturday, among other business, Susan Jackson-Dowd (front row, center) was elected Chair, and Jullia Tulloch (back row, first from right) elected Treasurer. On Sunday morning, the board got a sneak peak at the Egypt service for 2014 and found it surprisingly moving. We can’t wait to share it with you this fall!


The board discussed some changes for the materials in 2014: improving our online ordering and download system and putting more items online, for free download or for a small fee. This will help smaller groups save money on materials, and will help us all save paper, while opening up access to WDP to a new, online generation.

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