One Day, Many Ways to Worship: WDP Speakers

WDP Planners reach out in their communities to invite a variety of interesting speakers to present during the Mediation time in the service.  Here are a few ideas from around the country.  Did your community bring in an interesting speaker?  We’d love to hear about it–add your voice in the comments section below!

“Sister Bonnie Kennedy of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the guest preacher, presented a Power Point on her involvement with girls who are held as sex slaves in the community. It was an eye-opener as we were not aware that this took place in own community.”

Amy Bisnauth, Jamaica, NY

“We had a speaker from a local church where a Spanish-speaking congregation is yoked with an English-speaking one. She and that group have done much to welcome the stranger.”
Linda Nicholson, Indianola, IA

“We hosted a speaker from a local homeless shelter.”
Marjorie Wagner, Fremont, OH

“We hosted an Immigration Lawyer to talk about current changes in US law.”
Diane Jackson, Santa Rosa, CA

“Our County Councilperson accepted our invitation, participated in service and met with participants and pastor at the reception following the service.”
Sharon Heimiller, Kingsville, MD

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