One Day, Many Ways to Pray: Materials

Many of you do things to adapt and change the materials for WDP to fit your community.  This year, we provided an online “bare-bones” template to help put your bulletin together.  Despite some wrinkles, especially with downloads, many of you expressed gratitude for the online options for ordering this year.  Rest assured that we are working to solve the problems in time for order season 2014!  Below are some ideas used in congregations across the country.  How did you adapt the materials this year?  Let us know in the comments section below!

“We used the Leader’s Guide to adapt a prayer card for Informed Prayer, Prayerful Action.”

Jane Weber, Alta, IA

“We didn’t have enough leaders so we did congregational readings of the prayers, with alternating between the different sides of the center aisle in our church.”

Pearl E. Zehr, New Wilmington, PA

“We used some of the material in the Planning Guide as a program for our women’s group prior to the WDP event.  Some of these may also be used later for small group study.”

Rev. Teresa Bartlett, Miles, IA

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