Justice Visit Re-cap

Today, women at the WDPIC meeting went out across NYC to visit with groups that work with immigrant and migrant people. When they returned, each group was asked to encapsulate their experience in 2 sentences or less. These sentences were collected on ribbons with the other prayers for the week.


Here’s what the women had to say:

Park Ave. Christian Church: To be open to embrace persons who are different from us. New initiatives, though small, can change others.

Peace and love all over the world. Do not forget who you/we are. Identity plays a role.

If someone owns your time they own your life. “Ain’t I a woman?”

Faith should be an integral part in they lives of our children. The impact of Same Difference Interfaith Alliance to date is tremendous and worth of emulation. Listen more to the commonalities. God bless us all.

Sauti Yetu: Migration makes women and children increasingly vulnerable.

DWU-USA: We pray for fair pay, just employment and political change for migrant workers globally.

DRUM: What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!

Yadira: “Expressing your feelings through motion.”

Damayan: Resiliance!

Being undocumented is not a crime—being undocumented is a civil violation.

Migrants’ treatment reality vs. perception: listen and witness (UN?)

New York Asian Women Center: Desperation, hurt, fear, go alone with those stories we heard. But with help and care there is still hope.


Read more about the groups we visited here: Yadira De La RivaMahina MovementFamilies for FreedomDesis Rising up and Moving,  National Mobilization Against SweatshopsDamayan

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