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Host a Speaker

The following outline will help you organize and coordinate the event. Feel free to contact our office for referrals or suggestions for local speakers.
Meet with a couple people to evaluate the interest level in your community and brainstorm about possible topics.

Decide which topic is most relevant to your needs and come up with a list of possible speakers.

  • Contact local non-profit organizations, the bar association, and immigrant churches to gather the names and contact information of possible speakers.
  • Meet with a couple of the speakers if no one in your group has experience with them to talk about your objectives and assess their appropriateness for your event.

After choosing a speaker, determine the format of the event.

  • Ideally you should allow for one hour for the speaker to share information and then 30 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Decide if a meal or a reception should be included in your event. ○    Ask about the technology needs for the speaker, for example, a projector, large screen, microphone, etc.

Consider opening the event to the public and sharing the information with other local congregations and faith-based organizations

  • Publicize the event: newsletters, Facebook, local radio stations, fliers, and e-mail listservs On the day of the event, arrive early to test the equipment and ensure the room is set up in an appropriate manner.
  • Have a sign in sheet so you can follow up with attendees.

Follow up with attendees with a brief email and invite them to take action on a specific issue or join you in the larger effort to educate and advocate around immigration issues.

  • If you follow up more than once remember to be sensitive to people’s time and in-box space. Sending items too often will result in your emails being deleted without being read. Make your updates meaningful but short by including links the recipient can access should she/he be interested in learning more.

Follow up with the speaker with a note to thank him or her for speaking to your congregation and how your group plans to follow up the discussion.