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WDP USA Invited to Santa Verena Charity 12th Annual Banquet

Santa Verena Charity is a non-profit organization with a mission to fight poverty through programs providing humanitarian assistance in Egypt, the mother country of the Coptic Orthodox Church.  They also serve in Sudan, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico and Hawaii through short-term trips and projects. For more information about Santa Verena Charity, visit:

Santa Verena Charity was a 2014 grantee of World Day of Prayer USA for their work in Cairo, Egypt. On October 5, 2014, Susan Skoglund, a WDP USA board representative was invited to attend the 12th Annual Banquet of Santa Verena Charity at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach, CA. Susan was a honored guest of Executive Director, Dr. Mary Mikhail. The event was well attended by the Coptic Christian community of Southern California and inspired many to continue to support the work of Santa Verena Charity.

To read more about the Santa Verena Charity 12th Annual Banquet from Susan Skoglund, click here.

Work Options for Women (WOW) 2013 Grantee

WOW2Imagine being a single mom with no skills, needing to provide for yourself and your child. Or suppose you are a victim of domestic violence, needing to break away and make your way in the world, or perhaps you find yourself among the homeless. What will happen to you? World Day of Prayer works to meet the needs of disadvantaged women and children by coming alongside organizations like Work Options for Women (WOW). This group, based in metropolitan Denver, trains women and helps them obtain entry-level employment in the food service industry. Since its inception in 1996, hundreds of women have learned marketable skills and are living  useful and fulfilling lives. Your gifts enabled World Day of Prayer to grant $4000 to the work of WOW.   -Marlene Chase, WDP USA Board Member

To learn more about WOW visit here.

Reaffirmed Friendship with Church Women United

Representatives from CWU and WDP USA at the 2014 WDP service. From left to right: Djamillah Samad, CWU National Executive; Marilyn Lariviere, CWU National President; Susan Skoglund, WDP Board Member; Andrea Miskow and Meagan Manas, WDP Staff.

Representatives from CWU and WDP USA at the 2014 WDP service. From left to right: Djamillah Samad, CWU National Executive; Marilyn Lariviere, CWU National President; Susan Skoglund, WDP Board Member; Andrea Miskow and Meagan Manas, WDP Staff.


World Day of Prayer has been an integral part of the lives of church women in the United States since the prayer movement’s inception. Church Women United (CWU) units across the country continue to gather in celebrations of this special day on the first Friday in March annually. For many years CWU was the national sponsor of World Day of Prayer in the United States. In 2005, the World Day of Prayer International Committee established a World Day of Prayer USA Committee to oversee WDP in the US.

On World Day of Prayer 2014 leaders from CWU and WDP USA signed a new memorandum of understanding affirming our supportive relationship and mutual commitment to work together.  Read the full text of the memorandum here.

World Day of Prayer needs YOU!

World Day of Prayer is searching for five new Board Members to fill vacancies in the classes of 2016* and 2017*!  Do you know someone who would make a great WDP USA Board Member?  Find out if they (or you!) would meet the requirements we’re looking for.board

The Board strives for a composition that is interdenominational, intergenerational, multi-cultural, and inclusive of women who serve as chaplains, missionaries, and seminarians. Particular attention in elections will be given to ensuring diversity of age, race and ethnicity, denominational affiliation, and geographic location.

The Board of Directors consist of

  • 15 members – women who are at least 18 years of age
  • active participants in a Christian denominational and/or church-related women’s organization and will actively support World Day of Prayer

Source: WDP USA Bylaws (Article II, Board: Section 2, Number and Qualifications)

Qualifications and capabilities required:

  • Service as a representative (local, national, international, etc.) of a Christian church women’s organization or a Christian ‘constituent ‘ organization
  • Experience with and/or commitment to WDP on the local level
  • Commitment to global ecumenism, global cooperation, and sharing responsibility
  • Knowledge of organizational procedures, budget development/financial oversight experience (or willingness to learn) with responsibility for financial wellbeing of an organization
  • Ability to give the necessary time to the WDP Board and its work
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work cooperatively with staff
  • Basic computer and internet literacy

*At this time, we are especially seeking the following skills: funds development, movement-building/networking, social media, and marketing/public relations.

Qualifications, experiences, and skills desired but not required:

  • Experience living in and/or knowledge of other cultures/languages
  • Knowledge of the needs of women, children, and families in different situations and conditions around the world
  • Experience with projects which support women and families
  • Theological training and/or adult education in theology
  • Experience with liturgy, Bible study, and music
  • Experience in leadership training, workshop presentation/facilitation, and public speaking
  • Experience working with websites and/or social media
  • Skills in writing, editing, and resource promotion/marketing
  • Experience in grant writing and other facets of funds development
  • Experience developing an organizational budget and keeping clear financial records

WDPUSA Board Meetings

The Board typically meets twice a year in New York (Spring and Fall) at a location determined by the Board. Travel and lodging costs for meetings are covered by the Board funds. Meetings are scheduled from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

Responsibilities and Roles of Board Directors

Board members:

  • Maintain and implement the global vision of World Day of Prayer while also supporting the financial health of the movement;
    Share responsibility for providing guidelines and resources to the many groups who organize and carry out World Day of Prayer services and celebrations in the USA;
  • Advocate for World Day of Prayer celebrations and services in local communities, among denominational, church-related groups, etc., including promotion of WDP at local, regional, or national conferences;
  • Share talents, skills, information, and knowledge in Board deliberations;
  • Serve on Committees of the Board;
  • Make decisions about financial grants (through offerings received) to be disseminated to various organizations that provide services to women and children throughout the world who are often adversely impacted by global factors;
  • Cultivate/identify prospective Board of Directors;
  • Perform other responsibilities required to carry out the work of the Board.

(Bylaws, Article II: Section 4)

Board Meeting Attendance Policy

Unexcused absence from two (2) regular meetings of the Board in any 12-month period (without limitation) will be considered cause for removal. Excused absences can be arranged and approved with the WDP USA Committee Chairperson prior to meetings.

Click here to download the Nomination Form.  Follow the directions on the form to submit it by June 1, 2014.

*Board Members serve until the end of the calendar year of their “class” year.

Announcing: 2014 Grant Application!

**Please note: Grant Application deadline has been extended to June 1, 2014!**

It’s here!  World Day of Prayer 2014 and our 2014 Grant Application!   Read more below on the kinds of projects WDP USA will fund this year, or download an applicationGrant Applications are due on Sunday June 1, 2014.

2014 Focus Areas:

This year, the women of the World Day of Prayer Committee of Egypt wrote the world day of prayer service.  We will be especially focused on making grants to organizations in Egypt, and to domestic and international organizations that address the areas the women of Egypt have identified:

  • Clean water
  • Girls’ education
  • Interfaith cooperation and dialogue
  • Poverty, Migration and Refugees

Eligibility Requirements:

All requests for WDP USA funding should:

  • Reflect the mission of World Day of Prayer, USA
  • Affirm the worldwide and ecumenical concern for justice, peace and the integrity of creation
  • Provide services and/or effective advocacy for under-served and marginalized populations, particularly women and children
  • Benefit the target population without regard to religious affiliation

With respect to project support, WDP USA prefers not to fund:  administrative salaries, benefits and expenses, utilities, rent and insurance.  Capital expenditures are generally not considered unless they are central to the specific goal of the project.


Advertise or Find a World Day of Prayer Service

Here at the World Day of Prayer USA office, we get a lot of phone calls from folks looking for a WDP service but not sure where to find one.

If you’re looking for a service:

We keep a running list of services online here.
Keep checking back, we are updating this list all the time!

If you’re hosting a service:

We don’t have any way of knowing when and where your service will be unless you let us know.  So please send us an email telling us when and where, and any other important details to info(at)wdp-usa(dot)org, or leave us a message at 212-870-2466!

Missed our webinar? Catch up online!

Powerpoint imageWe had such a great time with those of you who were able to connect to our first-ever webinars the week before Thanksgiving!  Many of you were not able to connect in real time, so we’re offering the following ways to catch what you missed!

1. If you have a PC, download the recording of our webinar, in .wmv format.

For Macs and other devices, download the recording in .mp4 format.

(Note: this link will send you to a dropbox site where you can download the file.  It is too big to link to from our website!)

2. Download this PDF file with the slides and notes for the presentation.

3. Download the Powerpoint presentation, including our notes.

We had such success with this webinar that we will be working on ways to offer them again in the future.  Stay tuned!

“Umulga” SHe-Space: women and men working together for gender justice

 Cross-posted from the World Council of Churches website.

01 November 2013busan

By J. Ayana McCalman

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has devoted 60 years of active commitment to gender justice. The WCC  10th Assembly being held in Busan, Republic of Korea is continuing the campaign for advocacy for gender justice. The WCC, in partnership with Korean women, has designed an encounter space –Umulga SHe-Space in the Madang exhibition hall at the WCC assembly.

What is Umulga SHe-Space?

Umulga, a Korean word, means “the well”- a place where the essential can be found. The Umulga SHe-Space is an inclusive space for women and men (She and He) to exchange, rest, pray and reflect either individually or in groups on issues related to gender justice.

The space is designed in the style of Korean hospitality and reflects the various places that are part of the lives of women and men in community. There is a booth representing a market-place with various craft and cloth items for sale, designed by women in Korea. There is a courtyard style meeting space, a tea stand, couch benches to rest and relax and a quiet room to pray. On Thursday, several women and men were in conversation and relaxing in The Umulga SHe-Space.

An important feature of the Umulga SHe-Space is a prayer tree at the entrance of the space, representing traditional Zelkova trees at the entrance of Korean villages. Visitors to this space are invited to write their prayers on coloured ribbons. Their prayers are for gender justice and a world free of violence against women and girls. These ribbons hang as blossoms on the prayer tree.

Dr Fulata Mbano-Moyo, WCC programme executive for Women in Church and Society, spoke about the idea behind the space. She said that Umulga SHe-Space is a way “to make sure that the assembly promotes gender justice and encourages participants to include gender justice in their agenda for dialogue and perspectives shared at the assembly.”

What do men think?

Gleeson Vernon Job is an active participant of the Umulga SHe-Space. So what does he think of the space? He sees the encounter space as an important multicultural approach to the journey of women and men for gender justice. He added “This is a personal journey for me. I decided at a young age that I don’t want to be a perpetrator of violence, and I will stand against violence against women. As a man, I believe gender equality is a step in the right direction. Women should not be seen as lesser.” He said men must be encouraged to become active in building a just community of women and men in a genuine way.

Thursdays in Black

Badges promoting the “Thursdays in Black” campaign were also available at the space. Assembly participants were actively supporting the campaign on Thursday by wearing black and the badges. The campaign was started by the WCC in the 1980’s as a form of peaceful protest against rape and violence – especially taking place during wars and conflicts. WCC supports zero tolerance of violence against women.

A series of dialogues will take place at the Umulga SHe-Space during the assembly. There will also be discussions held at the assembly on issues of gender titled “Community of women and men in the church: mutual recognition and transformative justice”.

*J. Ayana McCalman is a lawyer and missionary for the Council for World Mission (CWM). She works for the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa as communications and justice advocacy officer.

WCC’s 60-year journey for gender justice continues (WCC feature of 28 October)

Official website of the WCC 10th Assembly

Announcing: 2014 Preparation Webinars!

This year, WDP USA will host a free planning and preparation webinar!

This webinar will provide basic information about World Day of Prayer and some specific information about planning for your 2014 service.

Webinars will be held at three times:
Wednesday, November 20 at 5pm Eastern
Thursday, November 21 at 10am Eastern
Thursday, November 21 at 3pm Eastern

The webinar will also be recorded and available to watch any time!  To join us, you will need a computer with working internet connection, and EITHER speakers and microphone on your computer OR a telephone to call in for audio connection.

If you’d like to join a webinar, please send an email to mmanas(at)wdp-usa(dot)org with the date and time you will call in.  Space is limited, so make plans now to join us!

Hope to see you in the virtual world soon!

WDP Offerings at Work

Recently we received a report from 2012 WDP Grantee, Work Options for Women.  WOW is a culinary job training program designed to help disadvantaged individuals move out of poverty by helping them obtain entry-level employment in the food service industry.  They target disadvantaged women who have multiple barriers to employment:  little to no work experience, homelessness, lack of education, mental health issues, substance abuse and often criminal histories.  This program is open to both men and women – however the vast majority of clients are women.

Our grant, made possible by your offerings, covered the cost of culinary training and a support program for 20 students!  Join us in prayer for the women who received the training this year, that they may find employment to support themselves and their families.