Worth the trek!

Untitled-300x225Hello, I am Pauline Smit, from Australia, and one of the two representatives on the WDP International Committee for the Pacific Region. The other one is Vaieli Fuomo Pita from Tuvalu.

Having spent 20+ hours in aeroplanes to come to New York from Melbounre the meeting needed to be good! And it has been. The best part for me so far has been the dramatization of the migrant women in the scriptures–Hagar, Puah, Naomi and Mary, by Carolyn and Juliana. Brilliant!

What will you bring back to your community as Living Water?

On the morning of the last day of the World Day of Prayer meeting, Ulirke Bechmann led a Bible Study on John 4:1-44, the story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman.  Participants were invited to consider what “Living Water” they would bring back from the meeting to their local WDP committees.  Here are their responses:


Ser sensible y accionar a la necesidad. Viviendo y actuando.

Be more active.  Think and plan ways to break down the barrier that the employers (women too) hide behind regarding the way they treat their domestic helper.  Tell the stories heard and ask questions about what they and the ladies at home know and ask what they can do.

Recognizing that in spite of status, everybody is important and has a place in this world.  We have an obligation to help all persons find and maximize their abilities and reach their fullest potential.

To revitalize more interest andcommitment to World Day of Prayer.  To investigate and act wherever possible to issues involving mistreatment of migrants–to reach out to them and make a difference.  To be a more committed Christian.  To include young women in the process.

Compassion toward the Samaritan Woman–the Woman was not corrupt, but the system!  Borders were successfully crossed because of the TRUTH-giving living water.

The joy of togetherness of WDP.  The peace of understanding the migration stories.  The hope of passing on the knowledge of what it means to have the living water.

Participation of all–not excluding people–looing for our roots, not only spirituality but also practical work.

Community and sharing.

Young women in the WDPIC–hope for the future!  Women in faith who share their experiences, may ind the first steps against injustice–we are not standing on our own, we have sisterhood.

More penetrating eyes to look for things that are “hidden”–in people’s lives, stories, etc.

Seeing things from a new perspective–not bound by tradition and open to new ways of looking at things, new possibilities which will release people from old ways which captivate and enslave to new freedom, new empowerment.

Aider les gens a conscience de leur potentialite. Partager avec les gens cette eau de vie qui peut transformer le desert, l’humanite.  Porter les gens a prier pour ces qui souffrent, qui sont exploites, violés. 

Water is life.  Without water no life.  Water washes out our dirt and wrong done.  That is the Justice.

The doctrine from the story of the Samaritan Woman tells us that borders are always there to be crossed by anyone who  walks with Jesus.  For all sisters of the WDP, cross the border and to speak the truth.

El agua viva es real, es posible. El agua fluye y se comparte. La seol puede ser saciada. Debo cruzar las fronteras.  Dios cruza fronteras el dio para darme agua en mi desierto.

El agua de la tolerancia, amor y comprensión.

Refreshment of the Spirit.

Unity, love one another, study the word of God, visit the sick, prayer with family and personally, spend quality time with your children, get involved in the community.

Fellowship and unity with our sisters around the world, to bring living water together.

Approach people across borders patiently and slowly, step by step.  Not to jump forward and draw our own conclusions.  Be the living water to the desert/desperate situations.

Kjærlighets, vennlig has, tydelighet: Jesus!

Living waters must flow where women are exploited.  Living water must flow by advocating to speak the truth at all times.

We have to speak the truth and see the need of others.

Tell us the logos (word) who is the living water.  Let the living water flow in our daily lives.  Share the living water to every person in the Cooks Islands.  Open the living water to friends, family and neighbors.

Compartir con las mujeres del DMO Honduras las experiencia que vivi y la importancia de involucrarnos inspirar las a creer que este projecto nos puede ayudar a todas a mejorar y creces.  Formar diferentes grupos y comenzar a invitar a mujeres dándoles formacion y compartir buenas nuevas.

Identify the issues, advocate on truths about the living water, make people enjoy the living truth about this living water.

Desert: family divided by prejudice, political instability, economic frustration.  Act–speak the truth.

Sensibiliser les femmes de mon pays à travailler pour le regne de Dieu sur cette terre, par la prière, elles peuvent changer le monde.

The understanding of each other across our many borders here (cultural, languages, denominations, etc.) –the oneness in Christ.  Get the women’s perspective on the Bible Stories.

Justice Visit Re-cap

Today, women at the WDPIC meeting went out across NYC to visit with groups that work with immigrant and migrant people. When they returned, each group was asked to encapsulate their experience in 2 sentences or less. These sentences were collected on ribbons with the other prayers for the week.


Here’s what the women had to say:

Park Ave. Christian Church: To be open to embrace persons who are different from us. New initiatives, though small, can change others.

Peace and love all over the world. Do not forget who you/we are. Identity plays a role.

If someone owns your time they own your life. “Ain’t I a woman?”

Faith should be an integral part in they lives of our children. The impact of Same Difference Interfaith Alliance to date is tremendous and worth of emulation. Listen more to the commonalities. God bless us all.

Sauti Yetu: Migration makes women and children increasingly vulnerable.

DWU-USA: We pray for fair pay, just employment and political change for migrant workers globally.

DRUM: What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!

Yadira: “Expressing your feelings through motion.”

Damayan: Resiliance!

Being undocumented is not a crime—being undocumented is a civil violation.

Migrants’ treatment reality vs. perception: listen and witness (UN?)

New York Asian Women Center: Desperation, hurt, fear, go alone with those stories we heard. But with help and care there is still hope.


Read more about the groups we visited here: Yadira De La RivaMahina MovementFamilies for FreedomDesis Rising up and Moving,  National Mobilization Against SweatshopsDamayan

“Let Justice Roll Down…”

Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream
Amos 5:24

At Riverside Church yesterday was my starting-point on my journey this week.  As I reflected upon the theme delivered in church, “the reverance of ritual,” two elements stood out to me:

1. baptized into death in Christ, and raised again in newness of life

2. confirmation of faith and commitment in relationship with Christ and his church.

Later I felt the connection in the”Orientation” service: the reverence of ritual seen in our “breathing peace” in order to remove all barriers within and accommodate joy and love.

“Breathe on my breath of God right now, Refresh and renew me to be able to encounter thine guidance.  To God be the praise!”
–Kanny Aratangi
Monday, 11 June 2012

June 10: WDPIC Meeting Begins!

As women from 104 countries gathered to begin the World Day of Prayer International Meeting, women from WDP USA welcomed each one with a length of ribbon. Each was asked to write three things on the ribbon: her name, her city and country, and one or two words describing her hopes for the week.

During the opening “roll call,” women from different countries were invited up by their regional leaders to place one of these ribbons in a glass vase. Now this vase is a holding place for each of us, our hopes and prayers, our names and the places we hold dear.

More videos from the meeting will be posted all week on line here.

June 11 Opening Worship

Opening worship lead by the Executive Committee of WDP featured a fountain of constantly running water to remind us of the conference theme from Amos 5:24, “Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” Click here to download the liturgy used in the service.

One tradition of WDP, especially relevant at this meeting with a water theme, is the exchange of cups. Each woman who attends the conference is invited to bring with her a cup that she uses in her daily life. The women then meet a new person and exchange their cups with one another. The wonderful variety and breadth of the women in attendance is reflected by the wide variety of cups the women bring, from ceramic mugs to glasses, wooden vessels and gourds. Watch a clip of the exchange below.