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World Day of Prayer 2019 is Friday, March 1st

World Day of Prayer takes place internationally on the first Friday of March every year. In 2019 that will be March 1st. If you can’t celebrate World Day of Prayer on the first Friday in March, choose another date that works for your community and you can celebrate in symbolic solidarity with women around the world!

The host country for WDP 2019 is Slovenia. The focus is on ,, with the theme “Come – Everything is Ready”. Universal issues of climate change, natural disasters, pollution, and human abuse of the environment—all affecting God’s good Creation and God’s people—will be explored.

Read the Welcome Letter from WDP Board Chair Mary Martin.

Download Free Materials HERE

Plan for World Day of Prayer
Don’t be held back by assumptions about how World Day of Prayer has to be. Check out our Mythbusters article to learn more about times and days to observe WDP, how to adapt the service, and even involving men!

Order Materials
Download the Order Form and mail it with your payment to:

WDP USA Distribution Center
7036 Snowdrift Rd, Ste 110
Allentown PA 18106-9582

Call Kutztown Publishing to place an order over the phone: 1-888-937-8720
Visit our online store to place your order online (accepting major credit cards)

After Worship
ONLINE EVALUATION FORM: CLICK HERE to download or CLICK HERE for the online form. You may complete your evaluation online or fill it out a hard copy and submit your evaluation form, and send it with your offering to:

475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1523
New York, NY 10115

Please send your offerings to our New York office at the address above. In order to receive a tax receipt, your offering must be received on a separate personal check with your correct address included.

Take Action in solidarity with women in the Philippines!

Start by downloading this year’s Take Action Guide.